Snowy day

On friday it snowed here… And what to wear when it snows?
First of all these beuatiful boots that protect your feet from the wet…
The perfect way to match them is a pair of skinny jeans (never wear wide leg trousers if you want to put them into your boots, because they make folds and look terrible).
As these boots are quite “important” I decided to stay simple for the rest, so I added this warm simple black cardigan, with a white blouse underneath, an elegant black coat, a scarf and this beautiful winter bag. Love it!
Plus a snowflake necklace to stay in the snowy mood 🙂

Snowy day

The Row loose sweater
€1.380 –

NIC ZOE cotton blouse
€110 –

Marella coat
€215 –

Hunter wellies boots
€120 –

MCM red leather handbag
€330 –

Adriana Orsini snowflake pendant
€66 –

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