Halloween costume

In Italy we got to know Halloween only in the recent years (we use to celebrate Carnival in February instead), but it has become quite famous, and young people use to organize parties for this occasion.
The word Halloween comes from Hallows’ Eve, in fact Halloween day is the Eve of All Saints Day.
I noticed that here in Italy, on Halloween people use to wear scary costumes only (ghost, vampire, witch, monster…), while in the USA people wear almost any costume (as we do on Carnival)…
Here I want to show you an outfit that is easy to create, and its items can be (separately) re-used in your ordinary life too: Snow White.
I love it beacuse it’s simple and feminine at the same time…
How will you celebrate Halloween and who will you be?
Halloween costume

Alice You long skirt

Just Ballerinas red shoes
$97 – question-air.com

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania leather bag
$175 – repertoirefashion.co.uk

Tie headband

Leg Avenue glove

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