In my baggage on holiday

When I am on holiday at the sea-side, I can’t live without these things:

– a sun protection and moisturizing cream

– a lip balm, in order to protect also my lips

– a body and face cream to put every evening after my shower, because particularly at the sea-side, it’s important to moisturize our skin

– a hair-band, to keep my hair tidy

Regarding make-up, on holiday I like to look fresh and natural. So, during the day I always wear

mascara and a black pencil (a very thin line)

and in the evening I add some

eyeshadow, in light colors

lip gloss

– little blush on my cheeks. sometimes I don’t put it because I’m already bronzed and I don’t need it at least at the sea-side 🙂

 parfume (at the sea-side I usually use a fresher fragrance than what I usually wear during the year)

Nail polish is also always with me. This time I wore it in yellow both on by hands and feet. It looked very brilliant and summery!

In my baggage on holiday

In my baggage on holiday by silvyp featuring a shiny lip gloss


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